It might interest you to know that universities in some parts of  Europe  are operating tuition free. Yes, these schools don’t charge a dime for tuition, you only have to take care of your living expenses like feeding, transportation, clothing, rent etc. Education in these countries are funded by the government, so students are exempted from feepayment. These countries are Finland and Germany. Universities in Finlandare totally free, while some universities in Germany have started imposing little tuition. I have written articles about education in Finland, and Germany, cost of living and how to apply in my previous posts, so check the archive section of this blog to get these articles. Today, I’m going to post the list of these universities, so you can get more information and start your application on time.

Find below, list of tuition free universities in Europe:

Tuition free universities in Finland    

  1. University of Helsinki
  2. Henken school of Economics
  3. Aalto University
  4. University of Oulu
  5. University of Lapland
  6. University of Tampere
  7. University of Turku
  8. University of Vaasa



Tuition free universities in Germany

  1. University of Stuttgart
  2. University of Berlin
  3. University of Rostock
  4. University of Bremen
  5. Aachen University of Technology
  6. Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus
  7. Dortmund University
  8. Hamburg University
  9. Frankfurt University
  10. Homboldt-University, Berlin
  11. Free University of Berlin
  12. Frankfurt University
  13. Friedrich Schiller University, Jena
  14. Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen-Nurnberg.
  15. Hamburg Media School
  16. Humboldt-University, Berlin
  17. International School of Management ISM, Dortmund
  18. International University, Bremen
  19. International University in Germany
  20. Johannes Gutenberg University
  21. Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich
  22. Medical University of Luebeck
  23. Otto-Fredrick University, Bamberg
  24. Philips-University, Marburg
  25. University of Augsburg
  26. University of Bamberg
  27. University of Bayreuth
  28. University of Bielefeld
  29. University of Bonn
  30. University of Bremen
  31. University of Dortmund
  32. University of Erfurt
  33. University of Erlangen-Nurnberg
  34. University of Essen
  35. University of Flensburg
  36. University of Gottingen
  37. University of Hamburg
  38. University of Hannover
  39. University of Kassel
  40. University of Koln
  41. University of Konstanz
  42. University of Leipzig
  43. University of Rostock
  44. University of Stuttgart
  45. University of Marburg
  46. University of Oldenburg